This Place In Noida Has a Whole Navratra Menu Planned Out For Your Next Mall Visit!


Navaratri literally meaning “Nine nights” is the longest festival in Hindu religion and is celebrated with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. People often abstain from eating non-vegetarian food items, as well as avoid consuming onion and garlic in their diets. Some indulge in fasting and only eat specific food items.

Our Dilliwale are about food as much as festivals & to the rescue T2T has come up with an amazing Navratari Menu *sighs*. From awestruck Paneer & Aloo delicacies to Mouth Watering Beverages, literally, they have got it all starting from Rs.150 only.

Now, whether you’re out shopping at a mall or done watching a movie put a perfect end to your outing here!

Go for all fun & shopping to Logix Mall without bothering about food.


Techies Time To Tea,

Food Court, Logix City Center, Noida

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