Get on Latest Trends With The Fashion Patrol @DLF Promenade

The world might be changing for some and standing still for others but no matter what the case, no one can argue about the trends and styles changing with the changing times.

With the fashion industry ready to take on the world and the ever-changing fashion, you need to be sure to be matching steps with it or you can just be left behind.

In order to give you a hand to help you catch up with the speeding trends or perhaps just go along with it, we’ve brought to you “The Fashion Patrol”. Since trends keep on changing, we make sure that we provide you with the latest collection of apparels, shoes, and the most exquisite jewellery.


Where- The Hub and The Bridge, DLF Promenade

When- 25th-28th January 2018

Entry- Free!

The best way to stay connected with the trends is to be in the same place with the hottest and classiest fashion. At The Fashion Patrol, you find the best of the best. It’s the perfect destination to be for all the fashion fiestas! So, invite your friends and family and be a part of something exciting!

The opportunity calls out to everyone who wishes to get on with the moving times. Buy the fashion that you see trending on your news feed and change with the trends. Make sure to not miss it! Happy shopping, only at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj.

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