It’s the Vegas for Gaming @ Logix City Center

Is gaming always on the top of your mind?

And no matter what the occasion you’re always ready to hone your racing skills?

Do video games give you an adrenaline rush in no time? Then, there’s a place just right for you and it has all this and more!

Get ready to experience “The Gaming Vegas” at Logix City Center, Noida where virtual meets reality! The perfect place for you to try your gaming skills at games like Bowling, Star Wars Pod, The Knocking Down Monkeys Game, Kunj Fu Panda, Jurassic 3D Adventure, Theatre Dome and many more!

Enjoy all these games by getting a Game Card worth Rs 1000 which is valid for a year and gives you access to all the adventurous games on the list. Individual games cost Rs 25. Moreover, ladies can get a bowling round free on Tuesdays.

The Gaming Vegas 3

If you are in the mood to catch a break from all the unreal games, you can also enjoy some quick snacks and beverages at the in-house eatery. Gaming coupled with food is definitely the best way to go. And so, it just doesn’t get better than The Gaming Vegas.

It’s the best place to get together with your friends and family and find occasions to celebrate @The Gaming Vegas. A slight change in the aura is all that is needed to add fun to your parties and enjoy! Moreover, the more people you get, the more exciting competing at your favourite games will be!

The Gaming Vegas 2

Enjoy a bunch of arcade games and exchange the tickets you win for some fun stuff and goodies at the counter! Try your hand at all the games to see where your victory lies and despite multiple rounds, we’re sure you won’t get enough and would want to keep visiting over and over!

To add a cherry on the top, Halobee brings you an exciting offer. Now, get 100% cashback by exchanging your foodcourt bill for free games at The Gaming Vegas! Avail your offer here.

So, what’s the wait? The games await you!

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