Watch the IMAX Magic Unfurl @Select CityWalk, Saket!

Is going to watch a movie your go-to outing? Are you ready to book tickets for the first show of a new movie every month? Do your friends consider you to be much of a movie-junkie? Well, we’ve got news for you and it’s going to blow your mind!

PVR Select CityWalk, Saket has now opened Delhi’s first IMAX theatre which is an experience you just can’t miss out on! With 9.1 metres high screen and an IMAX patented sound system, your movie plans are surely looking up!


IMAX is known as the world’s most ‘immersive movie experience’ and from the features, we know it to have—like designed leather seats for your comfort and world-class technology for a full 3D experience, we can vouch that it is going to be just that! All this and more just for your enjoyment? It is cinema at its best!

Now, get your friends and family and get ready to enjoy a whole new world of movies only @Select CityWalk, Saket. It’s one place that you’ve got to check out before you can know it’s awesomeness for sure.

The price starts from INR 350 & it is designed to make your experience the best one till date, so when are you coming in?

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