It’s Sweet-Ember And It’s Our Favourite Month of The Year!

Is dessert something that you look forward to even before the start of a meal? Something that sings to your sweet tooth? Something that’s on your mind all the time? Well then, there’s something you should be looking forward to other than just the end-of-the-meal dessert.

And it’s the Dessertarian Fest in town! Brought to you to put a happy end to all your sweet cravings and temptations. It’s the perfect destination to find the most unique and extravagant desserts to fulfil not just your hungry stomach but your soul. After all, dessert is much more than just food, isn’t it?


So get ready to witness the sweetest feast and to lick off all the sugar from your fingertips.

And wait, there’s more! Gracing the event on 17th December at 8 pm is the sensational and phenomenal artist, the voice behind “Humsafar”, none other than Akhil Sachdeva! Talk about cherry on the top!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-12 at 11.43.22

Where- Select CityWalk Mall

When- 15-17 December 2017

Why- To bring all the dessert lovers under one roof and have an altogether delicious time! And if you think that’s about it, you’ve got it all wrong. The desserts are not just special because of their nature of catering to your sweet tooth but because they’ve been brought to you by the best restaurants and bakeries in Delhi and NCR as well as up and coming bakers and assorted vendors.

Now, enjoy the best in town waffles, ice-creams, cakes, and many more special desserts along with a heart-warming performance to keep you grooving! All this joy in one place? It might be Christmas already!

Fb link:

More about event: Dessertarian Fest


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