Proximity Marketing, What’s in for Stores?

Proximity marketing has many benefits in regard with the customers because it aids in a proper reach of the concerned product that ensures ultimate efficiency when compared to products that are coming under the mass marketing’s shadow.

Even for those who can afford mass-marketing, proximity marketing is appealing due to the fact that the customers who have access to the offers usually utilize the opportunity to avail them.


How Proximity Marketing maximises the marketing efficiency for stores?

The whole concept of proximity marketing is constructed around the plausible utilization of resources and the exposure a brand attains by this new technique. The advantages of this technique are numerous and they are as follows:

  • Economical:

Proximity marketing is essential in bringing down the cost factor which affects every field of marketing. The notion of ‘the more you give, the more you get’, is non-existent because this marketing is location-based and it reaches out to the potential customer only. Therefore, it works so much cheaper than mass-marketing, which makes it more affordable for the various stores to promote their product in a better manner than previously.

Even the stores under a franchise can make economic use of proximity marketing when they are putting out offers other than those that the company that they have signed up with have put out.

  • Appealing:

The appeal of reduction of time wasted on choosing the best prices, and also the extensive labour involved in the process of physically visiting each store to determine the best offer results in customers turning to this platform which makes their work easier and more efficient. This results in the type of reach that is not offered elsewhere which in turn aids in more number of users which is all the more advantageous to the stores that utilize proximity marketing.

  • Efficient:

The undoubted efficiency of the whole process is one of the main reason behind the adoption of it because in this type of marketing the reach is only to those that are seeking an offer unlike the various posters and banners hanging around the city, which brings in the possibility of customers missing out on few offers just because they did not notice it due to other bigger banners. And since its location-based, it makes the offers more accessible which in turn pulls the customer to avail the services provided.


This platform efficiently boosts the ratio of the number of people that the offers have reached to the number of people that are turning up to avail them, unlike traditional marketing.


Hence, it is quite evident that the concept of proximity marketing is ideal in the sense that it is beneficiary to both the consumers and producers. The implementation of this idea is simple, which makes technical snags non-existent and with it being constantly updated, there is no issue of outdated information being provided.

To see how it works, click here:


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