Proximity Marketing, What’s in for Customers?


What is Proximity Marketing?

The question that lingers, upon reading the title is, what is proximity marketing? Googling does not yield you sufficient results which explain this term.

So, proximity marketing is that technique which aids the stores to send out information such as offers, discounts or any product’s information to customers who are present near these stores. This eliminates the mass marketing where only a percentage of the users benefit from the offers and discounts that one particular store is giving away.

With proximity marketing, the efficiency of the process is quadrupled in the sense that the advertisement reaches only those who can reach out to the stores and reap the benefits.

How it makes your shopping experience easier?

There is a rising tide of start-ups and companies that produce products that are viable at cheaper rates and with no compromises regarding the quality and to be able to be connected with the vast network, it is essential for both the producer and the consumer to avail the advantages of proximity marketing. They are:

  •  Accessibility:

There comes a need for the end-user to choose between various similar products that are available in the market by visiting stores to ascertain if the product is available at a lower price. Even after analysing and pinpointing the desired product with all the required features and pricing, there is a large probability of missing out on many stores that would have had a better offer. It would be quite heart wrenching to discover this fact after the transaction has gotten through.

This is where proximity marketing plays a key role. It gives you all the necessary information such as offers and discounts running at that point of time in and around your location. This is simply done by accessing one’s smartphone’s location and comparing it with the database where all the information is updated as and when there are updates from the associated stores.

  • Efficiency:

Proximity marketing also aids the customer to shop in an efficient manner. In large malls that have their establishment panning over acers of land and being multi-storied, to access each and every store that there is itself an exhilarating and tedious task that consumes most of one’s valuable time. But, with proximity marketing, the scenario is quite different because all the information that could be collected is already available to you within just a click. For example, HaloBee has categorized stores in malls categorically and the directory is constantly updated with more than thousand brands that have been registered. This aids the customer on the website to quickly go through the various products and the associated offers which helps them to make an informed decision regarding their choice of product that they are willing to buy.

  • Economic:

 Proximity marketing and websites are a boon to the end consumer because they aid them in the reduction of money and time, as well as the energy that is being unnecessarily spent on visiting different stores and enquiring them in order to get the best offer. But in this case, there is least human interaction, thus ensuring that there is no misguidance and the customer buys what they had set their minds upon in the first place.

  • Time-saving:

One of the best advantages of proximity marketing lies in the fact that most of the valuable time spent on selection is saved, which in turn helps the customer in being able to access more and more products within the time that has been wasted on choosing that retail store that offers the best price. One added advantage is also that a customer can know which are the stores that have an offer running, so that they can choose the store even before choosing the product that they want to buy, which in turn saves more time.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the best pricing and that is exactly what HaloBee is offering in an indirect way, through offers and discounts, all of which can be exclusively availed by our users.


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